Enable your KAM process and reviews

Best-in-class KAM programs encompass multi-functional teams building Account Plans with customers and executing those plans to deliver value-based solutions.

However, several challenges limit these teams' ability to work together effectively and efficiently.

Challenges we solve

No Consistency

Wasted efforts due to lack of collaboration across Sales, Marketing, Experts, Customer Success, and Management.

Inside-out Approach

Suboptimal results by not understanding the needs of Key Stakeholders while only focusing on short term internal goals.

Too much admin

Program fatigue due to hours lost assembling information and developing presentations for one time use.

Valkre quickly enables your process and reviews

Comprehensive out-of-the-box KAM process

Instant KAM best practices across the entire customer lifecycle.

Comprehensive and configuration platform

Customize with 'No Code' configurator

Easily tailor the platform to match your existing approach and language.

Customer-facing planning and execution
Turnkey presentations and deliverables

Visual, live doc UX that is easy to learn

Teams feel like there are working on deliverables (not data entry) with minimal training required.

We meet you where you're at

New to KAM? Ready for best-in-class? Somewhere in between? We are experts at meeting teams where they are at and getting better fast.

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